The key to crafting you fabulous, unique graphics that hit your sweet spot, is the personal touch. To this end I always strive to kick things off with a face to face meeting where we can discuss the specifics of the project. This meeting is also an opportunity for me to learn more about the brand or client, from this knowledge will spring the unique voice, the special something that will make your project stand out from the crowd. This is true whether your project is a logo, a brochure, a portrait, anything.
I will then prepare a quote. This will cover my art & design costs as well as any extra 3rd party charges such as printing. I will also provide an estimate of the time required, this will vary depending upon the scope of the work. I ask for a 50% deposit, once this is paid I will start the work.
I will present the design in person. Depending on the type of project I may present options. If there are any changes to be made, having a face to face meeting makes for a constructive environment more likely to produce a successful 2nd presentation.
Once the project is approved I will supply the finished artwork, art files, printed documents. If it is a branding project I will supply a style guide and any logos in a variety of formats you are likely to need. At this time I will also invoice the final 50%.
It is not my intention to supply a satisfactory result. I love producing something that surprises and delights my client – I always work to generate excitement in the client towards their brand or project.
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